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Building NetPositive Enterprises

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How can individuals, organizations, and private businesses harness the power of doing more good than harm?

Gregory Norris, Co-Director of the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), speaks with the Harvard Office for Sustainability about "handprints." Similar to a footprint, which measures a corporation's negative impact, a handprint measures a corporation's positive contributions to our health and our planet.

We compare a company's handprint to its footprint, and when its handprint is larger than its footprint, the company becomes a NetPositive Enterprise.

Corporations can create handprints by:

  • Shrinking the footprint within their own operations and in their supply chains
  • Helping others reduce their footprint
  • Taking restorative action—for example, by planting a tree, cleaning a beach, or building a playground.

Learn more about the value of handprints to a corporation, and about how to become a NetPositive enterprise, by watching the video and visiting the SHINE website.

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