Department of Environmental Health

Global leaders in research and training addressing critical environmental and public health challenges.


Headshot of Francine Laden, Associate Chair
Francine Laden, ScD Associate Chair, Department of Environmental Health
Headshot of Doug Dockery
Doug Dockery, ScD Acting Chair, Department of Environmental Health

As Chair and Associate Chair of the Department of Environmental Health, we welcome you to our website. For more than 100 years, our Department has advanced the field of Environmental Health through hands-on learning and training, and translates evidence-based on research. We have a vibrant and rich history of guiding public discourse, and national and international leaders, on the most pressing environmental health challenges in the twenty-first-century. To better serve communities’ changing health, we employ innovative strategies and solutions to increase public awareness. Our work in laboratories, field studies, and cohort studies has provided the basis of environmental and occupational health on humans. Members of our Department create and advance our knowledge of harmful exposures and translate their discoveries into actions that ultimately improve people’s health. Our centers, faculty, students, and staff engage in service activities to expand the capacity of communities by training, mentoring, and empowering the next world leaders.

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