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Webinar: NetPositive Sustainability

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Gregory Norris, Co-Director of the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE), delivered a webinar on the ideas and methods that are at the center of his life cycle assessment (LCA) practice--NetPositive sustainability.
In NetPositive Sustainability: A Framework for Transformatively Sustainable Products, Companies, and Living, Gregory introduces the concept of a "handprint." Similar to a footprint, which measures negative impacts, handprints measure positive impacts. Gregory discusses how LCA science can expand to include handprints, which would measure how a product, service, or company improves our health and/or environment. When a company's handprint is larger than its footprint, the company becomes NetPositive.
This webinar explores the value of handprints and how they work in the context of LCA. Gregory covers topics including:
  • The power of reframing how we think about sustainability
  • What are handprints in the context of LCA?
  • Examples of handprinting in practice
  • About SHINE at the Center for Health and the Global Environment

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