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Why Doctors and Their Organisations Must Help Tackle Climate Change (BMJ)

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In this essay to the British Medical Journal, Dr. Eric Chivian, founder of the Center, argues that doctors have the ability to help people understand the health consequences of climate change.

"As physicians we can provide people with concrete examples of the medical consequences of climate change and thus help convince them that we have no choice about whether we preserve the global environment: our health and our lives depend on our doing so. One useful example is that of the cone snail Conus magus and its potential contribution to human pain relief."

Photo Credit: Flickr | Yin Keen Chan | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH

Aaron Bernstein is the Interim Director of The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

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