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Sustainable Holiday Meals

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How can we be sustainable on days that are dedicated to indulgence?

Harvard Chan School's This Week in Health podcast interviews Gary Adamkiewicz, our Director of Healthy Cities, to give us food for thought as we head into a meal-centric holiday season. 

Dr. Adamkiewicz suggests that the focus on abundance and indulgence around the holidays offers a good opportunity to think about the broader issues within our diets and to explore how we can take action to live sustainably for the rest of the year. 

If you are eager to try "greening" your holiday meals, he suggests starting with a couple of side dishes, perhaps by buying a few of the ingredients from local sources. Devoting some time to finding places you can shop locally on the other days of the year would be a worthwhile goal.

Dr. Adamkiewicz covers these hearty topics and's worth jumping to timestamp 6:00 for the juicy conversation about sustainable holiday meals. 

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Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH

Aaron Bernstein is the Interim Director of The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

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