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Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

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eresa Chahine, our Program Leader for Social Entrepreneurship, literally wrote the book on Social Entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship is a revolution occurring around the world today, where people from all walks of life are developing and implementing innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions in response to social and environmental challenges.

These solutions include products, services, frameworks and interventions brought to market by both new startups and existing organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship summarizes the basic steps and tools needed to understand the challenge you are tackling, imagine and prototype potential solutions, build a business model, measure and grow your impact.

With case studies and interviews of leaders in the field, this comprehensive “how to” guide spans multiple sectors including health, environment, education, agriculture, commerce, finance, and retail. Designed for readers of all backgrounds, Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship will change the way you look at today’s world and what you do about it.


"Everybody is a changemaker! We can teach and learn skills that help us make more effective and lasting changes. This textbook is a valuable guide to get that journey started."

Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO, Ashoka, USA

"Social Business is a special form of social entrepreneurship where the entrepreneur is not interested in making personal profit, the business is devoted entirely to solving human problems. Chahine's book will make it easy to understand the whole spectrum of social entrepreneurship."

Muhammad Yunus, Yunus Centre & Grameen Bank, Bangladesh

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