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Can You Drink Alcohol on a Carnivore Diet?

Can You Drink Alcohol on a Carnivore Diet?

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Do you want to know if you can still have a celebratory drink of wine or bottle of beer while on the carnivore diet? Do not feel isolated. Alcohol intake on the carnivore diet is a topic of interest for many. This article will look at the carnivore diet, the effects of alcohol on the body, and the question of whether or not one can consume alcohol while adhering to the carnivore diet.

What is the Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet is a type of diet that consists of eating only animal products. This includes meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. The carnivore diet is often considered a variation of the ketogenic diet, as both diets limit the intake of carbohydrates. The idea behind the carnivore diet is that our ancestors survived on a diet that consisted of mostly meat, and that our bodies are designed to thrive on a diet that is high in animal protein and fat.

How Alcohol is Processed in the Body

When you drink alcohol, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and then processed by your liver. The liver breaks down alcohol into acetaldehyde, which is then converted into acetate. Acetate is then used by the body for energy or stored as fat.

Effects of Alcohol on Blood Sugar and Insulin

Alcohol can have a significant impact on blood sugar and insulin levels. When you consume alcohol, it is quickly converted into sugar in the body, which can cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This can lead to an increase in insulin production, which can then lead to a decrease in blood sugar levels.

Effects of Alcohol on Liver Health

Drinking alcohol in excess can also have negative effects on your liver health. The liver is responsible for breaking down alcohol, and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, inflammation, and even liver disease.

Can You Drink Alcohol on the Carnivore Diet?

The short answer is yes, you can drink alcohol on the carnivore diet. However, there are some important things to keep in mind. The Carnivore Diet is an extreme eating plan that centers around meat and other animal products and discourages the consumption of vegetables and other plant-based foods. Given the stringency of the diet, some may be curious as to whether or not alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Drink Alcohol

While alcohol consumption is technically allowed on the Carnivore Diet, it is not encouraged. There is no nutritional value in consuming alcohol, so it is not included in dietary recommendations. Many alcoholic drinks also have sugars and carbohydrates, which are off-limits on the Carnivore Diet.

Also, alcohol consumption may interfere with the Carnivore Diet's nutrient absorption benefits. It could also mess with your body's natural metabolic processes, which would make dieting more challenging.

Discussion of Different Types of Alcohol

Not all types of alcohol are created equal when it comes to the carnivore diet. Beer, for example, is high in carbohydrates and is therefore not a good choice for those following the carnivore diet. Wine, on the other hand, is lower in carbohydrates and is therefore a better choice. Hard liquor, such as vodka and whiskey, is also a good choice as it contains no carbohydrates.

How Alcohol Fits into the Carnivore Diet

Alcohol can be consumed on the carnivore diet, but it should be consumed in moderation. When drinking alcohol on the carnivore diet, it's important to keep track of your carbohydrate intake. If you are going to drink wine, for example, you should limit your intake to one or two glasses. If you are going to drink hard liquor, you should mix it with a low-carb mixer, such as club soda or diet tonic water.

Effects of Alcohol on the Carnivore Diet

While it is possible to drink alcohol on the carnivore diet, it's important to keep in mind that alcohol can have negative effects on your progress. Alcohol is high in calories and can therefore contribute to weight gain. Additionally, alcohol can disrupt your sleep, which can have negative effects on your overall health and well-being.

Tips for Drinking Alcohol on the Carnivore Diet

If you decide to drink alcohol on the carnivore diet, some tips can help you do so in a way that minimizes negative effects on your health and progress.

1. Stick to Low-Carb Options

As mentioned earlier, some types of alcohol are higher in carbohydrates than others. To stay within the guidelines of the carnivore diet, it's best to stick to low-carb options such as dry wines and hard liquors.

2. Avoid Sweet Mixers

Mixers such as juice and soda are high in sugar and should be avoided. Instead, try mixing your hard liquor with a low-carb option such as club soda or diet tonic water.

3. Hydrate

Drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration. To avoid this, make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after drinking alcohol.

4. Monitor Your Intake

It's important to keep track of your alcohol intake, especially if you are trying to lose weight or improve your overall health. Make sure to limit your intake to one or two drinks and to stick to low-carb options.


In closing, consuming alcohol while on the carnivore diet is feasible, but should be done so with caution and awareness of the potential impact on health and progress. Choose low-carb drinks, skip the sugary additives, and drink plenty of water. It's important to keep in mind that the omnivore diet is focused on providing your body with the nutrients it needs to flourish, and that drinking to excess can be counterproductive.

Aaron Bernstein, MD, MPH

Aaron Bernstein is the Interim Director of The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

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