Bootstrapped Health Review: Avoid These Supplements

Bootstrapped Health Overview and Review

Bootstrapped Health is one such supplement producer that you may have come across in your search. However, we believe it's important to take a closer look before making any purchases.

Company Name:  TIME WARP LLC
Business Owner:Mitchell Van Wagoner
Filing State:  Missouri (MO)
Filing Date:  September 14, 2021

While Bootstrapped Health claims to offer high-quality supplements, our research has found that their products are significantly overpriced. For example, their cleanse product is nothing more than a fiber supplement that you can purchase for a fraction of the price at your local drugstore. Bootstrapped Health, however, charges a staggering $120 per bottle, which is simply unreasonable.

In addition to their overpriced cleanse product, Bootstrapped Health's multivitamin is also very expensive, with a price tag of almost $60.

What's even more concerning is their lack of transparency. The nutritional facts for their multivitamin are not available on their website, making it difficult for consumers to know exactly what they're buying.

The Bootstrap Health website has very little information. There is no background information shared on the website and their shipping address is a PO box, which can raise doubts about their legitimacy. Nobody answered the phone when we called.

The vitamin and supplement industry is not heavily regulated, which means that it can be challenging to know what you're putting into your body. Unfortunately, some supplement companies may include harmful ingredients or make false claims about their products. As consumers, it's crucial to conduct our own research and only purchase supplements from reputable companies.

We strongly suggest you avoid Bootstrapped Health due to their lack of transparency, overpriced products, and lack of important information. While their focus on cleanse-related products may seem attractive, it's important to weigh the value of the product against its price. If you're in the market for health supplements, we recommend looking for transparent information and fair pricing from reputable companies.

The Supplement Industry

Although the FDA defines supplements as products that should provide added nutritional value to your diet, they do not regulate them as drugs. The only time a supplement is deemed unsafe is when it has been proven to cause significant harm.

It's concerning to know that almost half of adult participants in a mid-2000s survey reported taking at least one supplement every day, with the percentage almost unchanged from two decades prior. Studies have consistently shown that these supplements are often ineffective and even hazardous to one's health.

Recently, researchers from Harvard Medical School and NSF International, an independent product testing company, uncovered four unapproved and unlisted stimulants in six supplements marketed for weight loss and fitness. These stimulants, similar to ephedrine, were derived from ephedra, a weight-loss supplement that caused severe harm and was banned by the FDA in 2004.

This type of adulteration not only endangers the public but also harms the supplement companies that produce legitimate products. According to the President and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, Mr. Steve Mister, supplements containing unlisted ingredients are illegal, however they show up regularly.

Be very careful when choosing a supplement provider.

William H. McDaniel, MD

Dr. Robert H. Shmerling is the former clinical chief of the division of rheumatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and is a current member of the corresponding faculty in medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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