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Are the Tren Twins on Steroids?

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The Tren Twins' Steroid Admission

In a surprising revelation on Alex Eubank’s podcast, The Lion’s Den, the Tren Twins admitted to using steroids, specifically undergoing a testosterone cycle. This disclosure marked a significant shift from their previous assertions of being "natty," or natural bodybuilders.

Behind the Muscles: The Tren Twins' Steroid Confession

Fitness influencers, the Tren Twins, Chris and Mike, have recently come under scrutiny, not for their impressive physiques, but for the rumors concerning their alleged steroid use. It seems their pseudonym, which bears resemblance to the well-known anabolic steroid, Trenbolone, or "Tren," has sparked more than just a catchy name.

Their recent admission to steroid use has further propelled this narrative. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the Tren Twins' steroid use and its implications.

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Reasons Behind Steroid Use Allegations

While their confession confirms the rumors, several signs pointed to their steroid use even before their admission. Here, we will discuss the four most cited indications.

Oversized Shoulders

Both Chris and Mike exhibit remarkably developed shoulders, a common sign of steroid use. The deltoids and traps are filled with androgen receptors, and steroids can significantly enhance their development, leading to an oversized appearance.

Extreme Vascularity

Vascular veins are typically associated with low body fat and high muscle mass. However, certain steroids can induce this effect without intensive training. The Tren Twins' conspicuous vascularity, evident in many of their Instagram photos, has been a point of contention regarding their steroid use.

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Rapid Bulking Process

Building muscle mass is slow, even with superior genetics and an intense training regime. The Tren Twins' substantial transformation within a relatively short timeframe raised eyebrows and suspicions about possible Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) usage.

Large Breast Tissue

Counterintuitively, anabolic steroids, while known to boost testosterone and growth hormone levels, can lead to the development of enlarged breast tissue in men. Although there's no current evidence of this in the Tren Twins' photos, it doesn't rule out the possibility of past struggles with this issue.

The Tren Twins are Powerlifters, Not Bodybuilders

The Tren Twins have officially entered the world of powerlifting, having participated in their first competition. Although their participation cements them as powerlifters, they haven't entered the realm of bodybuilding just yet. They've hinted at beginning their bodybuilding prep soon, sparking conversations about their performance-enhancing drug (PED) cycles. Fitness influencer Greg Doucette even tweeted a video discussing their PED usage. This begs the question: Are the Twins being completely transparent or bending the truth?

Imagine you're in their shoes, preparing for your first powerlifting meet on a few days' notice. The sensible thing to do would be to compete at your natural weight to gain experience without the added stress or risk of injury. The Twins, however, took a different route - they dove in without much practice or understanding of the rules. This lack of preparation led to their disqualification.

When gearing up for a powerlifting meet, avoiding harsh depletion without adequate preparation is crucial. Doing so can undermine your strength and increase your injury risk. Nervousness, a common companion during your first meet, can also trigger an inflammatory response in your body. Despite these factors, the Twins managed to pull through, thanks to their youth and exceptional genetics. However, the importance of preparation, including proper training and nutrition, and possibly seeking guidance from a professional trainer or coach, cannot be stressed enough.

The Tren Twins indeed possess impressive strength for their age, height, and weight. However, their failure to prepare adequately for the powerlifting meet led them to fall short of the world records they aspired to break. Despite this, their performance in their first meet was commendable, setting a high standard for their future endeavors. They stand a chance of shattering existing world records with proper preparation, including a balanced diet and a structured training program.

Is Their Strength and Physique Achievable Without Steroids?

Based on our analysis, achieving the strength and physique of the Tren Twins naturally, relying solely on diet, training, and natural supplements, seems highly improbable. The speed and extent of their physical transformation appear to surpass what is typically achievable through genetics and intense training alone.


The Tren Twins' journey from professing to be "natty" to acknowledging steroid usage has been eye-opening. Their steroid use, specifically testosterone, and the signs pointing towards it, even before their confession, have cast doubt on the credibility of their initial denial.

Achieving a physique akin to theirs without steroid assistance is nearly impossible. Despite their pseudonym suggesting otherwise, the Tren Twins have confirmed that they have never consumed Trenbolone.

William H. McDaniel, MD

Dr. Robert H. Shmerling is the former clinical chief of the division of rheumatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and is a current member of the corresponding faculty in medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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