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10x Health System Cost, Claims, and Scam

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The 10X Health System's inflated prices and lack of scientific evidence raise concerns about its legitimacy, suggesting it may be a scam targeting wealthy individuals who are less knowledgeable about health products. It is crucial to approach their offerings with skepticism, thoroughly research alternative healthcare systems, consult qualified professionals, and prioritize evidence-based alternatives to make informed decisions about personal health.

In today's world, it's common to come across various health systems and programs that promise miraculous results. One such system is the 10X Health System, which claims to enhance human performance and improve overall health.

However, upon closer examination of their marketing material and the claims made by co-founder Gary Brecka, several red flags and unsubstantiated statements come to light. In this article, we will delve into some of the questionable aspects of the 10X Health System, scrutinizing the claims and shedding light on the reality behind the marketing hype.

So he [Gary Brecka] say's if you do what I tell you to do for the next ten weeks, I promise you, I'll change your whole life... So I did everything he said to the letter. [After following Breckas methods] I lost thirty pounds, my legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago [ it's better now]... no more sleep apnea, I don't snore anymore... Every thing is gone in ten f*****g weeks... I'm on keto, I'm on the keto diet... This is what Gary Brecka told me... There are essential fats your body needs or you'll die, there is essential amino acids... there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate... I've never felt better... I feel like I'm 35-years-old again.

Dana White

Unsubstantiated Claims in the Marketing Material

  1. The V-Shaped WBC Profile

During an analysis of UFC president Dana White's blood work, Gary Brecka mentions a peculiar claim about the leukocyte breakdown, stating that it forms a perfect V-shaped pattern. However, the significance of this alleged pattern remains unclear, and no scientific evidence supports such a claim. It's essential to approach these assertions with skepticism and rely on established medical knowledge rather than falling for marketing gimmicks.

  1. Triglyceride Level and Emergency Lab Alerts

Brecka highlights a middle-of-the-night emergency call triggered by White's high triglyceride level. While elevated triglycerides can be concerning, the dramatic account of a 1:30 AM phone-call seems exaggerated and unnecessary. It is crucial to question the credibility of such anecdotes and consult reputable sources for accurate information on lab result interpretations.

  1. Homocysteine and Throat Swelling

Another claim made by Brecka is the connection between elevated homocysteine levels and throat swelling. However, this assertion lacks scientific support, and it's essential to separate fact from fiction. While diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation can lower homocysteine levels, attributing throat swelling solely to this biomarker is misleading. It's crucial to rely on evidence-based medicine and consult qualified healthcare professionals for accurate information.

10x Systems Costs

The 10X Health System offers a range of products, each with exorbitant pricing. It's important to note that these prices are significantly inflated, specifically targeting wealthy individuals who may be willing to invest substantial amounts in their health. The high prices may also be aimed at creating a perception of exclusivity and luxury.

It is worth mentioning that these products appear to be marketed towards individuals who may be less discerning or knowledgeable about health products and their actual value. The steep pricing may give the impression of superior quality or effectiveness, despite the lack of scientific evidence to support such claims.

Potential customers should approach these prices with caution and carefully evaluate the cost-benefit ratio before making any purchasing decisions. It's essential to consider more affordable alternatives and consult with qualified healthcare professionals to ensure that the products meet their specific health needs without unnecessary financial strain.

The 10X Health System offers a range of products with considerably inflated prices, targeting affluent individuals seeking health products. Here is a list of some of their products and their corresponding prices, which may seem exorbitant:

  1. 10X COCKTAIL - $299.00 USD
  2. 10X COCKTAIL W/ NAD+ - $399.00 USD
  5. 10X HEALTH GENE TESTING KIT (Onsite) - $599.00 USD
  6. 10X HEALTH LIGHT BED - $122,792.00 USD
  7. 10X HEALTH LIGHT PANEL - $5,391.00 USD
  8. 10X Health System - $198.00 USD
  9. 10X Just The Chiller - $5,990.00 USD
  10. 10X Just The Tub - $1,490.00 USD
  11. 10X Multi-Vitamin - $42.00 USD
  12. 10X Premium Bundle (3-month Subscription) - $133.00 USD
  13. 10X PRO PLUNGE - $6,995.00 USD
  14. 10X PRO PLUNGE - $6,995.00 USD

The Importance of Communication

One disheartening aspect of the 10X Health System's marketing approach is the implication that traditional medical professionals have failed to communicate vital health information to patients like Dana White. The emphasis placed on basic health advice, such as diet, exercise, and hydration, as groundbreaking revelations raises concerns about the state of medical communication. Effective doctor-patient communication plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health. The rise of alternative healthcare systems stems from a gap left by inadequate communication and fosters an environment conducive to the promotion of questionable practices.

MTHF Gene Mutations

The 10X Health System offers gene testing, particularly assessing 5-methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene variants. The claim that 44% of the global population has a genetic mutation affecting the 5-MTHF gene raises questions about the relevance of such testing. However, the evidence suggests that individuals with gene variants of 5-MTHFR can still process folic acid effectively. It's important to critically evaluate the recommendations based on genetic testing and seek guidance from medical professionals before making any decisions regarding alternative folic acid supplementation.

Testing Insulin Levels

Brecka discusses the role of insulin and emphasizes the importance of testing insulin levels. While testing insulin levels may be relevant in specific cases such as unexplained hypoglycemia, it is not a routine practice for assessing overall health. It's crucial to rely on established medical guidelines and consult healthcare professionals who can determine the appropriate tests based on individual circumstances.

Myers' Cocktail and Osmolality

The 10X Health System promotes the use of Myers' Cocktail, an intravenous therapy containing vitamins and minerals. Brecka's explanation of how the vitamins in the cocktail work is misleading and demonstrates a flawed understanding of osmolality and fluid shifts. Contrary to Brecka's claims, the purpose of delivering vitamins in a saline solution is not to make the fluid leave the vessels and enter the tissue.

Complex physiological mechanisms regulate fluid shifts in the body and cannot be influenced by the presence of vitamins in a saline solution. It's important to approach such explanations critically and rely on scientifically validated information.

Gary Brecka: The Chief Human Biologist

Gary Brecka, the self-proclaimed "chief human biologist" and co-founder of the 10X Health System, presents himself as an authority on health and wellness. However, his qualifications raise questions about his expertise in the field. With a bachelor's degree in biology and a chiropractic background, Brecka's educational foundation may not align with the comprehensive knowledge required for making substantial claims about health and human biology.

Moreover, Brecka's previous involvement in the secondary life insurance market and legal entanglements does little to instill confidence in his credibility as a healthcare professional. Transitioning from the insurance industry to the role of a "biohacker" and "functional medicine specialist" raises concerns about his motivations and the extent of his medical expertise. It's crucial to critically evaluate the credentials and background of individuals offering alternative healthcare solutions.


In an era where alternative healthcare systems are gaining popularity, it is essential to separate fact from fiction and critically evaluate the claims made by these systems. The 10X Health System, despite its promises of revolutionary health improvements, raises numerous concerns about the validity of its claims and the credibility of its co-founder, Gary Brecka. Engaging in thorough research, consulting reputable sources, and seeking guidance from qualified healthcare professionals are crucial steps in making informed decisions about our health.

It's important not to be swayed by extravagant marketing tactics or celebrity endorsements, but to rely on evidence-based medicine and scientific knowledge. By promoting critical thinking, ensuring effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients, and fostering a culture of skepticism towards pseudoscience, we can confidently navigate the healthcare landscape and make decisions that prioritize our well-being.


1. Is there scientific evidence supporting the claims made by the 10X Health System?

While the 10X Health System makes several claims about enhancing human performance and improving health, it is essential to approach these claims with skepticism. It is crucial to rely on scientifically validated research and consult reputable sources before accepting any claims.

2. Are the recommended supplements from 10X Health System overpriced?

The pricing of supplements offered by the 10X Health System may vary. It is advisable to compare prices with other reputable sources and consider the ingredients, dosage, and scientific evidence supporting their efficacy before making a purchase decision.

3. Can alternative folic acid supplements benefit individuals with MTHF gene mutations?

The scientific evidence suggests that individuals with gene variants of 5-MTHFR can still process folic acid effectively. It is important to consult healthcare professionals who can provide personalized guidance based on an individual's specific genetic profile and health needs.

4. Should insulin levels be routinely tested for optimal health?

Routine testing of insulin levels is not typically recommended for individuals without specific health concerns related to insulin regulation. Healthcare professionals can determine the appropriate tests based on individual circumstances and medical history.

5. What precautions should individuals take when considering alternative healthcare systems like the 10X Health System?

When considering alternative healthcare systems, it is important to research the claims made, evaluate the qualifications and credibility of the individuals involved, and consult trusted healthcare professionals. Engaging in critical thinking, seeking evidence-based information

William H. McDaniel, MD

Dr. Robert H. Shmerling is the former clinical chief of the division of rheumatology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), and is a current member of the corresponding faculty in medicine at Harvard Medical School.

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